Wednesday, 25 September 2013

September Showers.

I've just returned from the most beautiful wedding. Yes, I'm a little biased as it was the nuptials of my very best friend, but when you see the photos, you will quickly see how wonderful this weekend was. But not today. Today I'm going to show you an event the took place a couple of weeks ago. Exactly one week after my return from London. Kristin's bridal shower.

It was a lovely tea party with a derby theme (hence the hats). As you will see in the photos, the hostess went above and beyond the call of duty. No, it wasn't me. As self proclaimed 'Worst Bridesmaid Ever', I thought I'd stay true to my name, and keep out of things. Actually, I knew there was no way I could throw such an event, having just returned to Canadian soil, and being one week into work, flying by the seat of my pants, and still 100% in the red. Sorry Kristin. Insert Laurie.

Have a look at Laurie's amazing efforts. Now this is what I call a bridal shower!

The Bride and one of her 'Best Men'.

Some of the ladies.

Of course she received some 'special' items.

It wasn't a flat screen...

Flowers made by Nicola. It's nice to have talented friends.

More 'unmentionables'.

Meeting baby Kieran.

Tea Towels far too precious to use.

Kristin and Laurie.

Gift bags filled with vintage tea cups.

I was there, I promise...

Quite the spread hey? Wait until you see the wedding photos.

As I gradually get used to my new routine, I'm hoping I'll have some more time for blogging. For those who are getting frustrated when checking the site regularly, only to discover that I haven't posted, you may add your email in the space on the right hand side, and you will receive email updates when I submit a post. This all being said, in an attempt to 'take my life back' I'm hoping I will get back to regular entries very soon.

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  1. What a great bridal shower theme... will definitely file this away the next time I'm planning one!