Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Contested Spaces Show.

Last Saturday we had our Exhibition for our module, 'Critical Pedagogy of Contested Spaces'.
As promised I will show some of the work.

My partner Rose and I were interested in how people navigate space, and protect their personal space in public places. We focused on the unspoken etiquette (Western) of personal space, subtly shedding light on this engrained knowledge using the format of a station poster. We brought the posters into the gallery, and added public seating for people to use. By recreating a public space in the gallery space, we hoped people would question their actions, while giving them the opportunity to physically navigate such a space. The video on the wall shows footage of our posters (being ignored) in Waterloo Station.

My apologies for the quality of the next two photos, but I wanted to show you all four posters.


Below are the works of some of our classmates. The pictures will only give you a small idea as to what the work is about. In order to truly understand the pieces, you really needed to see them in person, watch the films, and read the artist statements. As many of the works focus on the process over the product, what you can see in front of you is really not the most important aspect of the work undertaken by the artist.

And here are a few pieces from the Revisiting Practice Module (exhibiting at the same time)...

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  1. Great work!! I'd love to talk to you about it when you get back. Place, space and memory have always been interesting topics for me in my work. Hope you had fun with it! :)