Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Heat Wave.

Those of you back home may be unaware that we are experiencing quite the heat wave in London the last couple of weeks. Last weekend was no different. After a BBQ birthday party Saturday night, we decided to get out of Dodge on Sunday for the predicted 31 degree scorcher.

Some friends / work colleagues visiting from Oxford were keen to watch some Polo, so off we went to Guards Polo Club in Windsor.

It was an easy commute from London (35 mins). Over breakfast (and one amazing 'Eton Mess' hot chocolate) we decided to tour the castle, but the heat and swarms of tourists convinced us otherwise.

While strolling along the Thames, we realized we could rent a boat for £24.50. Sold.

A view of Windsor Castle from the River. Huge.

At 3pm we headed to the Club.

Our picnic was lovely...

And like good Polo Girls, we retrieved stray balls...

stomped divots like nobody's business...

And checked out our surroundings...

All too aware of our competition...

The Polo itself was exceptional (or so we were told).

After a lovely day in the sunshine, we headed back to reality. Lucky for us, 'reality' was a little bit cooler at 9pm.

Some facts if you wish to watch Polo at Guards:

  • Picnic admission is free (without a membership, you will be sitting on the far side of the field, but there are washrooms and refreshments available on that side)

  • Chairs are advisable as the main field is surrounded by a small fence that makes viewing difficult when sitting on a blanket

  • There is a fee to enter the grounds with a vehicle, but should you take a taxi in, this fee is waived.

  • The field is NOT in walking distance from the town of Windsor, and once arriving through the gates of Windor park, there is still quite a trek to the field (make sure the cab takes you right up to the club unless you have great walking shoes on). 

  • There is a dress code on the website, though I'm not certain it is enforced in the picnic area :)

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  1. I think we need a polo club here, that would be much more fun to go watch than rugby!! Surely there's enough room in Stanley Park!?