Thursday, 21 February 2013

Throwback Thursday.

In honour of 'Throwback Thursday', I will show you what I received via text message from my mom earlier in the week...

This is me, circa 1989 or 90 (that's a complete guess) up at the ranch.

Thank you Mom for this vivid reminder of my acid-washed 'Canadian tuxedo'.

Now for those who aren't satisfied with my little personal flashback, and would like more to read while you finish your coffee, here are some gems I literally 'stumbled upon' or 'pinned' over the course of the week...I mean, as I was working on my paper 
(of course).

A special sink for your laundry room made to wash your delicates....

The return of the turtleneck...

Great style on the streets of London this week...(London Fashion Week)

My brothers would have LOVED this...

Hmm...this makes a difficult thing a little easier...

My efforts were never this polished, but I tried. For those of you with kids....this is definitely Swedish for common sense.

Think I'll print this off for my kitchen...

If you don't know the song, you might not find this as funny as I did...

A little bit of Art. Not sure if I believe it, but check out these amazing pencil portraits. Thoughts? Have I been fooled?

Feeling in the mood for some baking? Here's a cute hostess gift...

Ummm, and THIS happened on Tuesday in MY NEIGHBOURHOOD and I had NO IDEA (you'd think anybody in my life who cares about me in the slightest would have given me a heads up). Nope, I missed it.

Oh, but there's one more thing. If you have a couple of minutes (and have not already been harassed via email or FB by me) I would love for you to help me with some research for my MA. I'm currently focusing my next paper and art exhibition on the themes of Place and Identity. In particular, the impact of one on the other.

I've created a VERY EASY and QUICK 20 question survey.

Please follow the link, if you have a few minutes. 

Thank you in advance, 



  1. Loving that pic of you, denim was truly the style of the moment!
    Just did your surgery, I found it interesting as it made me realise that I don't enjoy my current location at all...oh well 4 months to go!
    x x

    1. Thanks for doing the survey! Totally appreciate it!. 4 months is no time at all!!