Monday, 28 January 2013

One Hundred.

It's true, today is my 100th post...

I had a lovely weekend (read into the fireworks all you like).

On Friday night, S and I found our new favourite gastro pub. It's called the Hope. We had wanted to do something for Robbie Burns day. I tried to make S wear her kilt (yes, she has one...remember Thanksgiving?), but she refused. The Hope has good food (no, we didn't have haggis), great beers, and an excellent wine list. It's cozy, and we decided it's the perfect destination for a Sunday night dinner (the yorkshire puddings look amazing), or Monday night quiz night. We are recruiting [book smart] teammates for the quiz night if you're interested?

 S and I split the Veggie Burger and the Pork Chorizo Burger (couldn't find a picture of the veggie...and apparently was too busy chowing down to remember to take my own photo). Sorry.

On Saturday morning, we had our Art show. I was going to write about it for today, but as my ego is still repairing itself, I couldn't bare to make it the 100th post. You'll have to wait. 

Saturday night, I jumped in a cab (that sounds fast, but actually it took an hour for the driver to show up....I should have taken the train) to Honor Oak Park to meet M and his (slightly intoxicated) rugby team. Quite the experience. Needless to say, as one of two females in the clubhouse, it wasn't all that bad. After some drinks, a group of us came back to Clapham Junction for dinner at the most amazing Pizzeria (not Franco Manca - treason, I know). The pizza was so delicious, and the place so lively and fun, that it has definitely trumped poor Franco. I will have to take S, so that she can be the judge. I will blog about it, so I'm not going to tell you the name now.

On Sunday morning I had a fun breakfast at Tamra, though once again, I made the mistake of succumbing to the temptation of pancakes, only to realize (once again), they are never as good as my dad's. Dad's recipe (it's actually not his recipe, but the one he always makes) is on the blog. Make them. Trust me.

I'm excited for the week that lies ahead. S and I are planning a trip to Copenhagen (for my birthday weekend), I have the MKN/Danbee London reunion on Saturday night, and Falconry with N on some point this week I should also get my head back into the school thing. I've been on strike for a few days. Time to get back on the horse (as I'm a long long way from Black Pine, I can say that without worrying my parents might take it literally).

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Big Ben Image.
Burger Image.
Tamra Image.
Pancake Image.


  1. It's a good thing I was eating a Breakfast Burrito while reading this post! ;) The food at these places looks delicious!

    1. hmmm breakfast burrito. That is one thing I'm looking forward to about being back at work ;)

  2. Congrats! Can't wait to read the next 1001

  3. Hahaha oops that was meant to say "100!" but I'm in for 1001