Friday, 9 November 2012

This and That.

The best card EVER (from mom and dad). Complete with pin.

Yesterday, I cried in a meeting with the director of my program. Yes. What is ridiculous is that I have made it through however many weeks of an Art Therapy module, with classmates in tears on a regular basis (me, stone cold), and I break down in a one on one chat that I had instigated. Moment of weakness perhaps? Bad day- definitely.

As a result, I came home, scarfed my dinner (scrambled eggs), and dragged K out for a glass of wine so that I could decompress. Sometimes the blog must suffer, when life gets in the way. 

An 'Instagram' post it is.

With K in town, there have been a lot of little things over the last week that have gone unmentioned. 

Here's a look.

A care package sent from the girls at home.
Loop Scarf made by mom.

Kraft PB all the way from Canada. 
A night at the Holy Drinker.

We're not bitter.
Double Decker: Top Floor, Front Seat. Obviously.
Beautiful Saturday in Notting Hill.

Saturday Night.
Don't tell me the Snake skin doesn't match my boot.
Brought to the table with our drinks at Stella's.

A blazer I want from French Connection, but am exercising self discipline. Yes, it's awkward that I'm taking pictures of myself in the mirror. If you must know, It's my way of deciding whether or not to go back and buy the items. It's responsible really.
A new sweater dress. K convinced me. It's versatile. Justified.
Celebrating Guy Fawkes Day (Fireworks and bonfire @ Richmond Park).

My new Anthro PJs. There's birds on them. That makes me happy.
Happy Movember!
And to make yesterday's fabulous day even better, K and S went to the O2 Tennis tournament while I was at school. Awesome. Did I tell you they met Boris Becker? They did. I'm not jealous at all.

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