Monday, 5 November 2012

Notting Hill.

It took three years of exploring London for various lengths of time, to finally make it to Notting Hill. It's an area of London I've always wanted to visit, but for whatever reason, it just never happened. With K in town, it was the perfect excuse to compile some 'must-sees' from friends and fellow bloggers, and make it happen.

We started with a delicious breakfast at Granger & Co (after a 45 minute wait outside in the cold). Their scrambled eggs were absolutely delicious (although we were so cold we would have appreciated anything on a hot plate). Next time I'd like to try the hot chocolate, as well as their baked goods, as both looked drool worthy.

After breakfast we strolled down Portobello road and checked out the market. You do have to navigate the crowds, but as you'll know from my last few adventures, crowds are really a reality anywhere in London, especially on the weekend.

S and I stumbled upon a pastry stand we just couldn't pass up (despite the fact that we'd finished breakfast only about a half hour earlier)...and I don't even like pastries (you wouldn't know from the photos that follow).

And yes, we sold a piece of our souls and posed in front of the blue door from the movie, Notting Hill.
For those of you with a soft spot for the movie, I found this walking tour of the filming locations.


And just to help you get in the mood...

That night (after a few hours with our feet up), we headed into central London for a night out. We started at Gordon's (it's a fav spot of K's also), and then headed to Sophie's Steakhouse (recommended by two bouncers) to meet some friends and grab some more drinks and munchies. They dragged us to to another bar which had to be one of the biggest dive bars I've ever stepped foot in. Regardless, we dominated the dance floor for hours, dancing to tunes from our middle school years. We took a cab home as the foxes came out, and slept like logs. Overall, a fantastic Saturday.

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