Tuesday, 18 September 2012

This and that (the week in transition).

A little flash back in time to some moments (from my iphone) in the past week, both in Vancouver, and London.

An Avocado/ Pesto and Proscuitto  creation on Naan bread (it wasn't as good as it looks in the photo!)

Murphy gives me some packing support.

The send-off dinner cheese platter.

The send-off dinner chocolate tray (from Chocolate Arts)

Last smell of the Pacific Ocean ( a walk along the seawall the day of departure)

My new blog worthy bracelet (a gift from Nicola)

Could you fit this in two bags? ....didn't think so.

Last Coldwater Road Show I will see for a year (unless they come on tour...hint hint!)

Do you sense a theme?
...and we're off (slowly, limping, but we're off)

A glass of sparkling white courtesy of Virgin, prior to take-off

S's bags

My bags...and my boot.

Contemplating life in Clapham

Missing the Murph dog.

Appy at Wahaca

Pulled Pork Tacos

Black Bean Tostadas
Chicken Taquitos

Churros with chocolate

The Maple Leaf Bar (with Sleemans and Molson on tap)
How could we pass this by?

A little London love for the 'Nucks and the Giants

A place to get the essentials

Last bit of sunlight in Covent Garden

Sorry, but again, not as good as it looks (it actually doesn't even look that good)

How to make up for the terrible lunch, also the simple way to my heart.....BEN'S!!!!

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