Sunday, 16 September 2012

The South Bank.

Did you watch the season three premier of Downton Abbey tonight? If you're a Vancouverite, the answer is probably no. As difficult as it is adjusting to being away from home, watching Downton in real time is definitely a perk!

And yes, I'm back. I know, it's been over a week. The truth is, last week was crazy as I prepared to leave, and we've been very busy since we arrived in London on Friday afternoon. Firstly, let me inform those of you that are wondering, that despite popular belief, Virgin Airlines was NOT a night club. I know, boo right? On the plus side, they didn't question our overweight bags (all five of them), never checked the contents of S's Field Hockey bag (socks, an umbrella, runners, skirts....and field hockey gear), and had a glass of sparkling wine in our hands before the plane had finished loading. I'm willing to overlook my nightclub letdown as compared to Air Canada, we were in the lap of luxury.

After arriving on Friday, we grabbed groceries (wine included) and some essentials for S (a hairdryer, and flat iron- her first introduction to Boots), and made dinner at home. It had been a long 24 hours. On Saturday we started the flat hunt in Clapham. This was quite discouraging as we quickly discovered we were out of our price range, and if we lived there, we'd be house poor. It's a shame because it looked like a great area, and every second person was in our demographic.

In the evening, we made up for the lack of progress by heading into the centre of London for dinner and some drinks. We had a quick half pint (the perfect size for Courtenay, the slow drinker) on the balcony of The Punch & Judy in Covent Garden, and then headed to Wahaca for some mexican street food (sounds like El Camino doesn't it?). Wahaca was fun. We had a great meal (the corn on the cob was absolutely delicious), and excellent margaritas, as well as tequila (slowly sipped!). After dinner, there was time for one last beverage at the Maple Leaf (how could we walk by this Canadian Pub and not go in for a drink?), before taking the night bus home. I will blog the pictures from Saturday later in the week.

Yesterday was our first touristy day, and I took the opportunity to show 'S' the South Bank. It was the perfect opportunity to break in my new camera. Along with the South Bank, we also hit up Borough Market, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, and Covent Garden. Quite the day for my poor little walking boot.

Here are some pictures from the South Bank.

Skateboard Carnage.

Been there, done that, was sick all evening!


Dad- just thought we could enhance the campfire circle at the ranch?

Aspen Grove, London Style (outside the Tate Modern)

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Could there be a less obtrusive Starbucks?

As you can see, the South Bank is like a great big colourful playground full of Arts and Culture for adults. We walked from Waterloo to London Bridge, and it made for an awesome introduction to London for S. The next time we visit, hopefully we'll be hitting up the theatre.

Today, the flat hunt will continue. This time in Dulwich.....if we can get there!

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