Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Nicola Valley Rodeo (photo diary)

It's a family tradition of ours that we spend each Labour Day long weekend up at the ranch soaking up the last few days of summer, and taking in the Nicola Valley Pro Rodeo. I love the rodeo, as I have a 'thing' for Cowboys, but this year was especially brilliant as I decided it was the perfect opportunity to practice my photography skills.

As I mentioned when I started this blog, one of my goals for next year is to teach myself a little something about photography. I've somehow jumped through years of art classes and managed to avoid this particular medium. I love taking photos recreationally, but really know very little about the technical side of things. For this reason, I figured next year in the U.K. will be the perfect time to do some experimenting. Time to start practicing!

Dad lent me his camera for the weekend, and I quickly became snap-happy. As you will see from my photos (below), I was definitely a bit of a 'creeper'.

What did you expect would happen when you plant me and a telephoto lense amongst a bunch of wrangler-clad rodeo cowboys? .....sheeesh!

I'll stop talking, and you can live vicariously through the lens...

told you.

Matthew McConaughey does Merritt

hitting the road
Breakfast of Rodeo Champions?

one of my favourites

just helping out dad

Great smile.

I'll let you figure out what my sights were set on (If you really knew me...)

...and that concludes one tough day at the office.

I took about 200 photos over the course of the weekend, and was pretty proud of the results. I'm almost certain I'll purchase a camera before I leave, so if you have one that you love, or any camera advice, please leave a comment for me below. Don't forget to 'like it' on facebook, and follow the blog by putting your email address in the space on the right hand sidebar.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great photos!!! And I can definitely tell what you had your eye on in that one photo....