Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Local Discoveries (Balham).

Much to our great fortune (as I may have already mentioned) 
our stay in Balham has been extended until 
the end of the week, at which point we can move into our new place (Sunday).

As we continued to familiarize ourselves with the neighbourhood this week, 
we found two great spots worth mentioning 
 (should you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods).

Great coffee shop: M1LK , Balham

The Rundown: Excellent cakes, great coffee/tea, cute 'shabby chic' aesthetic

don't mind the half eaten cakes...that's how yummy they were (The Banana loaf had passion fruit in it- great combo!)

A cozy shelter from the storm.

Next up...

Excellent Tapas: The Fat Delicatessan

**Note: This cute spot functions as a deli and a restaurant, and from the street at night looks
closed, as the candlelit dinner tables are set back from the main window. VENTURE IN!

(Katie- this night brought back fond memories of overwhelming amounts of 'Jambon' in Barcelona...thought of your dad with the tomato bread also)

Charcuterie Board along with Manchego paired with Figs and an Almond Wheel
Pan Tumaca (Tomato Bread with Jamon Serrano) 

Patatas Bravas

I am a creature of habit.

We will be going back to both of 
these spots before we leave Balham.

...or else no. 319 Bus, will quickly become my new best friend!

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  1. Oh the Jambon! Lots and lots of Jambon. Thanks for a midday flashback of the look on our (and our table mates) faces when that platter arrived at our table. Funny.